How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ?

How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ? in 2021

How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ? in 2021

This is the time of video marketing. People prefer video over text or images. Now it is saying that it is the time of videography.

According to Google,90% of people like to get a solution by video. It is easy to understand things by video. We can practically learn things.


There is another remarkable fact that 60 percent of people like to watch animated or cartoon videos. Video on helps you to make animated videos. Vidtoon is one of the best apps for video creators.

Any content can not hold the focus of the human brain, but video can hook the eyes. It will make you addicted to your content. Now all entrepreneurs understand that video ads are more profitable. 70% of advertisers use animated video ads to grow their product. They grab the focus making 90sec less video.

The best video for marketing is animated, short, and satisfying. You have they are marketing things to the user in the meantime.

Vidtoon can create the video using simple images.

How to Create Video from Photos in Vidtoon:-

  1. Open the app
  2. Export the images that you want to create.
  3. Arrange the photos and edit the video.
  4. Export quickly in your gallery.

People are using it in marketing to boost the business. It is helping you to grow revenue, sales, view, watch time, subscriber, etc. It operates in video marketing, studies, ads, YouTube videos, sales marketing, e-commerce, social networking, blogging, app development, etc.

It is now so easy to make an animated video. You need to know many things and an animation course. It is full of creativity and editing. The animation is a time taking process.

Vidtoon is an editing app that helps in making an animated video with your phone quickly. This app makes video creation effortless. Vidtoon gives many advantages

How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ?
How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ? in 2021

What is Videotoon app:-

Vidtoon launches the feature of creating an animated video with a phone. It reduces the video cost. Most oF the part is available for free—this a brand new app with video editing and animation features.

The audience retention on the animated video is very high. We can create low-cost, innovative, and unique products. It will make your separate identity in the masses.

Vidtoon gives you thirty free poping animation, 25 free characters free scenarios, free audio clips. It can be convenient in the time of editing.

The top of the toolbar includes many essential features. This helps at the time of editing. It reduces the effort and increases the quality of work.


It supports text to speech very efficiently better than Google and Microsoft.

Features of Vidtoon app:-

  1. Time-saving:-

Making an animation video is a very lengthy process because you have to design all the things. Earlier, we have to draw the character and the background. We have to create every element we want to see in the video—man, women, boys, girls, mountains, trees, rivers, etc. We were created on our own.

  1. Default character:-

Vidtoon has presented you with many characters and popup elements for free. It is included in the app. You can easily find use these as the requirements. We can use the default character when we don’t want to make a new character.

You can get thousands of elements to make your video look real. We can create according to our desire and occupation. There are many remotes available if you think that the character is not alive. We can create what we imagine. It gives lots of features to do so. Making your imagination is now possible with this app.

  1. Background:-

It is effortless to make the background on this app. You can also get many free experiences. Choose the available background from the app. The app has a drag and drops feature like computers. You can adjust the size of the image.

  1. Text to speech:-

This feature is introduced by google. Vidtoon text to voice feature is more advanced than google. It works very efficiently. We can use text instead of our voice. It will automatically give the vote according to our text. It is a life-saving feature if we don’t want to use our representatives.

How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ?
How to Create Video from Photos using Vidtoon ? in 2021
  1. Work fast and easier:-

It gives you many default characters for free. You can use these to work quickly. Vidtoon makes the animation faster.

  1. Gallery:-

It allows you to use the images and videos from your gallery. You can adjust and set it anywhere in the video. It has a plus sign button for adding photos and videos.

  1. Font:-

It has more than 50 fonts in the app. We can use the font style and length of the text.

Pros and cons of video app:-


  • It is easy to use
  • No course requirements for making animation
  • Free music and voice elements
  • Free character, video, background, detail, popup.


Many of feature is available on the paid version

Vidtoon feature review:-

  • To work on this is very easy. It is not so hard to make a film with it. Animated characters are included in every situation. Just select and use it.
  • We can get many copyright-free kinds of music. App gallery also includes some background and videos as needed. You can use it in videos.
  • The excellent Text to Speech Options Included by Microsoft and Google to give your videos a natural voice sound
  • Many of unbelievable more feature in the paid version

Benefits of making videos with Vidtoon

  • It Increases the audience experience and making them interact with the video.
  • Animated video engagement is significantly higher than the real video.
  • 25 characters are given for every situation
  • 200 plus graphics
  • Import the images and videos.
  • 500 premiums background images.
  • Button create to interact with the CTR


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